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Fresh Start - Sunny days

Fresh StartCathie ToshachComment

Seattle Japanese Garden

Happy Monday! Did you have beautiful weather this past weekend? Seattle did, which means the parks, beaches and hiking trails were full with sun-loving Seattleites who know all too well to enjoy it while you can! Admittedly, I was preoccupied with a number of tasks that would have kept me indoors and chained to my computer all day.  Fortunately, my guy convinced me to get up and out.  We took a nice walk through the Washington State Arboretum and the Seattle Japanese Garden, both nearby gems that I don't take advantage of often enough.  The flowers were in abundance providing a lovely aroma to our stroll.

Heron, Seattle Japanese Garden

At the garden, we saw many sunbathing turtles, giant, well-fed koi and a visiting heron who's eyes may have been bigger than his stomach as he intently watched all those koi.

Looking ahead, this week is my last before the new job starts. I plan to continue getting things in order, tending to those back burner tasks, and - most importantly - getting into the swing of things again with this here blog. 

With many new craft supplies in hand, I can't wait to try out some of the many ideas percolating in my head.

Some are new techniques I've never tried and others are throwbacks to my preteen and teenage years that I'm going to give a fresh twist.  I can't wait to share what I come up with and learn what you think.

Here's to a productive, sun-filled week with a dose of crafting for good health and heart!